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All VMÖ offices permanently closed as of 28.12.2020

At the turn of the year, the "Verein Menschenrechte Österreich" (Human Rights Association Austria) will end its operational activities in the counseling and support of asylum seekers and foreign nationals. Its employees will transfer to the federal agency "Bundesagentur für Betreuungs- und Unterstützungsleistungen" (BBU GesmbH), which will continue this activity. More information and contact details for BBU will soon be available at

With the following link you can access a list of BBU offices in legal counseling and return counseling with addresses and opening hours.


Legal Counselling

We offered legal counsel to asylum seekers and migrants in legal proceedings according to the Asylum Act and Aliens Police Act as well as the related procedures to determine the right to stay.

Our legal counselling was offered free of charge in all of our offices, as well as in the initial reception centres and the regional directorates of the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum.

Aside from their legal expertise, our counsellors often come from an immigration or asylum background themselves.

2020 more than 13.500 asylum seekers and other foreign nationals sought our counselling.

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Voluntary Return

If asylum seekers and migrants wished to go back to their home country, we could help arrange their voluntary return. We took care of financing the flight, the necessary travel documents, the transfer to the airport and a small amount of money to aid in reintegration if necessary.

More than 44.600 people from 126 countries have received our assistance as of 31.12.2020.

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Return-Hotline: 0800 808005

Counselling in Dublin Procedure

Dublin Procedure Counselling

We gave asylum seekers advice on the Dublin procedure, as well as assistance in the transfer to the EU member state responsible for them.

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Assistance in Detention

We assisted people being held in the police detention centres Vienna and Vordernberg (Styria) for asylum- or migration-related reasons.

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Assistance in Detention

Address: Alser Straße 20/21+22, A-1090 Vienna     Tel: +43 (1) 40 90 480    Fax: +43 (1) 40 90 480 -2      E-mail:      ZVR Number: 460937540